Public Speaking Skills Development


In a transition process? In need of new skills? Discover how coaching can help you grow.

Public Speaking Skills Development

Public Speaking Skills Development

Find out how to grow as a power speaker to deliver impactful speeches and pitch presentations.

Public Speaking Skills Development

Trainings and Workshops

Explore a wide range of interactive trainings and workshops tailor made to your needs.


One-to-one sessions as well as group sessions

Services : Coaching session

Stay an actor throughout your life transitions. Receive professional accompaniment and develop your skillsReach your professional goals. Coaching can be all of that.
Get a fresh point of view about your actual needs and forces and convert these insights into action. This is what coaching is about.
Based in Hong Kong,  I offer one-on-one and group coaching. Remote coaching via Skype is also possible.
My coaching framework follows the following rules: benevolenceneutrality and lack of judgment. All exchanges remain confidential.

Some of the goals I help you reach:
Develop your Assertiveness & Leadership
Be an actor of your life transitions
Develop your professional project
Rebalance your professional & personal lives
Manage your stress & emotions

Public Speaking Skills Development

A unique mix of coaching, acting and story-telling techniques

Services : Public Speaking Skills Development

I deliver bespoke programs to develop public speaking skills.
Contact Le Studio to organise one-to-one sessions, group sessions or workshops tailored to your needs.

Grow your impact as a speaker:
Grow your presence & confidence
Master the art of pitching
Develop your storytelling skills
Develop your improvisational skills
Acquire vocal techniques

Trainings and workshops

A wide range of interactive trainings and workshops tailor made to your needs

Contact Le Studio to organize your tailor-made trainings or workshops.

Interactive trainings and workshops to develop your personal impact:
Develop your assertiveness
Learn to dare through acting
Be an actor of your expatriation
Develop your entrepreneurial project
Learn how to bring acting techniques into coaching