A Certified Professional Coach

Clémentine Pons, certified professional Coach

I am a certified coach, and hold a Master’s degree in Coaching Practices from Paris 8 University (France)*, a leading academic program in France.
I created Le Studio right after settling in Hong Kong in 2017 and it moved with me when I relocated in Paris in 2021. In my practice, I leverage cognitive, behavioral and systemic frameworks to help groups and individuals develop their professional impact.
Drawing from my 15-year acting experience alongside coaching, I specialize in leadership, assertiveness, public speaking and group coaching.
As a professional coach, my clients include global private companies (L’Oreal, Fiducia Management Consultant, Sogeti, Brico Depot…), public administrations (French Ministry of Environment, Ifore…), entrepreneurs, lawyers and artists.
I accompany my clients by providing regular actionable steps to develop new, positive habits.
Used to dealing with change, I prepare young professionals for career transitions, help executives grow their leadership and accompany expatriates spouses to deal with expatriation challenges.
​Through Le Studio, I look forward to helping you develop yourself and growing your personal impact!

Clémentine Pons

* 2015, with honors.

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Interviews with Clémentine Pons, certified professional coach

French Chamber Foundation (Hong Kong)

Clémentine Pons, certified Coach

Clémentine Pons, Actress and professional coach

“The way you pitch a project is decisive in order to get new opportunities. You may have sometimes only a couple of minutes to convince someone and it is even more crucial when it comes to a charity because people lives are at stake. I arrived in Hong Kong very recently and I love the city and its communities. I started learning Cantonese but I wanted somehow to do more in order to become integrated. […]”

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Un Café avec le Boss Épisode#9

Voice-up c’est une technique de coaching exclusive: l’alliance des meilleures techniques professionelles de chant et de celles du théatre, afin de développer les compétences de communication en entreprise et donc… de leadership. (in French)

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My first interview, in 2012, as a public speaking coach and an entrepreneur. I talk about my journey from acting to coaching. And how to reinvent myself and start building my own small business has confirmed my desire to help others do so. (in French)