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  • Acting tips to develop your impact as a speaker, for face to face and online presentations
    As a communication coach and actress, I get very often asked about my « best tips » for public speaking. Here they are for face to face and video conferences. One of the most common questions I get asked is how to deal with stage fright. […]
  • To be an Actor of your Expatriation
    A year ago, I moved to Hong Kong and started my life as an expat. My experience of this year turned out to be very positive thanks to what I have learnt and to all the new people that I have met, but it has also been a truly challenging year. […]
  • Grow your confidence by doing and acknowledging your achievements
    There’s a always feeling of surprise, a certain self-questioning which arises when I read over my CV or even my professional profile, “Oh yeah? I actually did all that?” As an artist and as a freelancer, I always have to introduce myself to new people, which means I must continually demonstrate my self-worth. […]

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